Who is the real guilty?!

increasing violence in the worldLately it seems as if the violence rate inclining around the world. From an external sight it looks like the world got infected by craziness. Just yesterday an Ethiopian aircraft was hijacked by the co-pilot near Geneva. The kidnapper claimed that his intention weren’t violent, and his actions were derived from desperation for his personal situation. Now he is hoping to receive a political asylum in Switzerland.  This wasn’t the only plane incident that occurred lately. Just last weekend, a Ukrainian passenger took over the plane by claiming that he has in his possession an explosive charge that he will activate if the airplane wouldn’t land in Sochi. Thanks to the alertness of the chief pilot that was able to send signs of distress and to communicate with Istanbul airport authority. The crew tried to convince the hijacker to change his mind, while at same time a Turkish F16 was summoned to assist the plane in landing at the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport near Istanbul. After landing the forced armed succeed in neutralizing the kidnapper.

Those incidents are just part of the verge of the increasing violence in the world. Yesterday, a tourist bus exploded near the Egyptian border in Taba. This attack is held responsible for the death of four people and 5 injures, all expect of the Egyptian driver are plain tourists from South Korea. The bus apparently was on its way to Israel grounds, when it gotten exploded. The wounded were transported to Yoseftal hospital in Eilat, Israel. Nasser home Al- Maqdis took the responsibility for the attack, this terror organization is operating in the Sinai Peninsula for some time now. In the last months the Egyptian army is conducting a manhunt after those Jihadists. Only two weeks ago 13 members of the organization were bombed to death by the Apache helicopters of the Egyptian air force, towards more than 60 destinations, in order to eradicate the violence in the Peninsula.

Violence events are a global issue, since it became a daily thing which occurs in every place in the world. Despite it seems that one event isn’t connected to the other, it actually is. Because the attack can burst in your backyard, can be someone you know and it might be even you! The world needs to wake up, to stop ignoring those violent acts. Due to the fact that it easier today for terror groups to get in contact through the internet or to compare notes regarding their terror experience and even to collaborate with one another. Though the media chooses to silence this manifestation and to avoid mass panic it also creates lack of concern and indifference towards the others and their suffering, causing rising in social alienation. The main consequence is that instead of succeeding in unification of nations and people to overpower those murderous organizations. They indirectly letting them to continue to hurl terror upon innocents, using every means that stands in their way and ignoring the harm, damage and suffering they cause while doing so…

Danielle Antebi