They killed our boys!

Черный квадрат 1While a whole nation was hoping to find the three missing teenagers that were abducted 18 days ago, yesterday they were finally rescued. Unfortunately they were found dead, in a forgettable cave near Hebron. As published in the latest reports, the victims were murdered brutally shortly after they entered the car for a short ride.  Soon after they entered the car, they realized they were hijacked by terrorists, apparently belonging to Hamas organization. One of the boys managed to dial to the emergency center and to report the incident to Israeli police authority. On the other hand, it was reveled today that one of the boys fought the abductors before he was killed. In those minutes the state of Israel commune with on the loss of its three sons Naftali Frankel, Gil-Ad Saar and Eyal Ifrach.

Since the corpses were discovered by the rescue forces and search groups of volunteers, annalists started to analyze what have occurred since the hijacked and until the victims lost their lives. There are many assumptions regarding the occurrence but there’s nothing certain yet. The main question is what was the purpose of this action? Did Hamas tempted to barge over the lives or bodies of the teens with Israel over releasing Political Prisoners? Was it an attempt that went wrong?

Furthermore Politicians from all the range of the political angles already started to take advantage of the situation to promote their personal gain. The Lefties in the country call for trying to maintain the situation controlled while the righties call for a reform in handling the situation with the Palestine. In addition it’s seems as if the world ignores the loss of three innocent lives s and order to continue the Israeli-Palestine negotiation. Theirs is no right or wrong, there’s no a winner or a loser. Only a reality that causes deaths, sorrow, pain, grief, fear, hate.

Danielle Antebi