The truth: very expensive…

MaidanWhat seen as a revolution in Ukraine in the eyes of the Western world is a blur, history had taught us before, not to believe everything we see, hear, read or watch. The idiom: “One picture worth a million words”, is not valid anymore, because today with all the advanced technology that exists, every person can twist the reality into his/hers perspective, regardless for the truth as it is. While others continue to argue what is the truth, and does the truth have one side or more?

Not so long ago, the New York Times published a photo of a crying woman mourning for her 16 years old son, that was captured by the police and sent to sentence his time for taking another person life. By doing so, the newspaper ignored the pain and suffering of the victim’s family. The victim was a 19 years old soldier that just enlisted the IDF, and was on his way to the base. He was slightly asleep on a public bus, while this sadly event occurred. This report is just one of many other events that allow politics to take over justice, and influence us to agree with what we are been shown and dictated to us by powerful people with their own agenda.

The on growing riots in the Ukraine in the past few days, is perceived as just one more event that happened. But, before agreeing let’s try to analyze what cause this tremendous situation to arrive to those extremes.  The Ukrainian president, Victor Yanukovich decided to back up from entering the UE, and instead to tighten up the relationships between Ukraine and Russia. The past had shown already that former U.S.S.R countries which entered the UE (i.e. Baltic countries), had suffered from negative crisis upon their economy, thanks to that step. By entering the UE, unknowingly they ruined their own stable economy and created high percentage of unemployment in the population that lives upon welfares until today. The Ukraine’s are still receiving a big reduction in gas from Russia along other economical benefits, drifting away from Russia towards the UE, will cost the Ukraine’s high sum of money, and a loss of other reductions upon their inner economy which is necessary for their economical existence. Nonetheless not all the Ukraine’s wants to enter the UE. So, once again the encounter of two different agendas cause for a crisis.

It’s oblivious that what’s going on in the Ukraine nowadays has nothing to do with the reality, but with much larger forces, that earn from this event on the Ukrainians expanses. The same thing happened in Israel last week, through the Prawer Plan to settle the Bedouins. In the demonstrations that held all over the country, the Palestine’s flag was rose. Even though that the majority of the Bedouins don’t identify themselves as Palestines. So, one might ask how can it be then? Well, most of the rallies were organized by Pro-Palestine’s organizations that utilize the stage that was given to promote their own agenda on the expenses of the Bedouins. Yet, once again the media choose to ignore the main problem and to focus on the minor issue. The question is not why an event appeared, it’s better to question who will earn from all of this.

Danielle Antebi