The Great European Hypocrisy

In the past two decades, it seems as if nationality of a country has been pushed away from the political-social agenda. Causing more and more young people to feel distanced, and by doing so causing them to drift away from their own heritage and identity. The lack of pertinence to their society, oblige them to look for it in a different society and country. This affects the state by increasing the negative migration that already exists within the country alongside with the serious problem of the shortage of people and low rate of births. If in the past the civilians of a country would have sacrifices their own lives for the sake of their homeland, today their descendants feel no sentimental connection to their land, history, culture and heritage.

EU - hypocrisyWhile the old principles became buried underground along with their ancestors and history, the youth society seek for new ideology which they find in the image of human rights, as their new faith. For this new value they sacrifice everything they have, their youth, their will, their families, country and future. Unconsciousness for the high price they are paying and simultaneously pulling along with them, their own society. Hence to that they force their country to find an urgent solution for the lack of people by opening the doors of their country to primitive and different societies and religions, causing for a new chaos in the country. While at the same time they influence the international community and the international relationships between countries, since they try to enforce their new ideology of human rights upon sovereignty different countries and societies.  Yet, once again influencing the inner matters of other countries, and being Ethno-Centric again, towards inner affairs of countries. Instead of occupying their own inner-affairs, such as: low rate of birth, trying to stop the negative migration from the state, high rate of unemployment of young adults, integration of the new immigrants into society by combine them into the market. There’s an old saying claiming that the grass is always greener on the other side. It’s always easier to critic others than to look for flaws in oneself.


Danielle Antebi