Sochi — milestone in the modern Russian’s history…

sochi-olympic-village-renderingAgainst all odds, Sochi’s opening ceremony of the winter Olympic Games took place as planned last Friday. The Russian Federation invested billions of Rubles (51 billion of U.S.D) in developing the Olympic village and the sports infrastructure near Sochi.  Even the new president of the International Olympic Games Committee, Thomas Bach was surprised from the spectacular ceremony. The opening ceremony, lasted over two and half hours and consisted of 3,000 participates that were escorted by 6,000 outfits on the biggest stage in the world, along with 3,500 fireworks that lighted the dark sky. Though the winter Olympic does not consider interesting as the summer Olympic games, it sure got the world’s attention as a result of the scandals that arouses from it previously.

The verbal attacks against Sochi’s Olympic winter games were received from all range of the rainbow, causing damage to the image of the Federation of Russia. Some organizations took advantage of the situation to promote their agendas and to pressure inner affairs in Russia that will consist with Western ideology, regarding human rights and gay rights. These organization started to protest through the media months ago calling countries and athletes that support gay rights to boycott the Olympic games in Russia. Meanwhile Islamist Terror Groups from the Caucasus Region that held responsible to two bombing attacks prior to the opening ceremonies, continue to threat the serenity of the Olympic village near Sochi. The Russian F.S.B. (Federal Security Service of Russia, formerly known as K.G.B) worked around the clock in order to ensure the security of the perimeter and of the foreign delegations and their athletes. Until now, it’s pretty obvious that the security forces succeed to thwart the terrorist threats, though some intelligence agencies around the world doubted their capacity.

Generally speaking, all one might see in the media regarding Sochi is mainly the screw-ups.  After all nothing is never perfect and this is what makes us human! No doubt that in the previous winter Olympic Games that held in London there were more athletes and delegations, than this one which consist of only 2,500 athletes from 88 delegations. Despite all everything else is working as planned, yet because of the small amount of participators, many forecasters foresee the breakdown of the newest tourism sight of Russia. Many of them do not know that Sochi has a tropical climate, and it was not easy to set up a winter sports resort there. This resort is considered to be one of the world’s most famous artificial resorts for the winter sports. I guess only time will let us know what’s the future holds for each of us. In the meantime we can enjoy the marvelous sights of the Olympic village and games near Sochi!

Danielle Antebi