Modern Justice, indeed?

It seems as if society allows some individuals to get away with their awful deeds, usually because these people are wealthy, powerful and well influenced. Then, what is real justice?  If a person does not have all of these traits and commits a felony, than justice can be served then? So, the main question is what is justice?

Does justice requires only when the victim’s family is wealthy and influenced? Or when the suspect is poor and unimportant? Besides justice, who will repair the damage that was caused to the victims themselves, their families and the society itself? What kind of a message does it transmission to others?

While in the past, a person could have bought his freedom by having a high social status and richness, but in nowadays the post-modern world supposedly supports equality between all, even suspects of crimes. So, how come still there is injustice in the justice systems? How come some delinquents can walk freely in the streets as if nothing ever happened? And while at the same breath innocent people pay high price for just being in the wrong place and wrong hour? Is this true justice?

The violence rate is increasing in every moment that passes by, and the criminal system continues to collapse. Causing some crimes to become unsolved and pushing  them aside with no importance, and as time passes through they enter into the “statute of limitations”, allowing those offenders to get away with their actions, or even worse cynically calling to sentence the supposed “guilty ones” in the crime. Some deny their actions, and by doing so harming more the injured one, for example, Erich Priebke. An ex-officer of the S.S. that was convicted in Italy in 1996, for participating in the massacre that happened in 1944 in Fosse Ardeatine, Italy (more about see here). The massacre turned to be responsible for the death of 335 civilians from Jewish and Christian’s origin, due to a previous ambush that was set up by a group of Partisans. He was condemn for life, but was released due to his advanced age and his medical condition. So, does an amnesty, allows a person tреформа суд. системыo renounce his bad actions?

All of these questions pointing out, the true color of reality. If a person gets away with a  or even worse condemn and later on receive an amnesty, how dare one later on to present false claims just to cleanse his suppose name. This absurd situation is just one of many examples of delinquencies taking advantage of the media and the justice system through pity and other means for their personal gain. Stepping on whoever gets in the way, ignoring the suffering of others? Although it seems more like a fictional movie than reality, the sad truth is exactly the opposite. Leaving most of us pessimistic for our nearby future, not knowing what more awaits us in our journey, and trying to understand what is true justice means.


Danielle Antebi