Let’s blame the Jews

Литва - холокост “Let’s blame the Jews”, the Jews over the European history always played the role of a “scapegoat”. It happens so many times over history, in the Mid-evils with the black plague, later on with Nazi Germany and apparently today in Turkey after the mine collapsed just week. The main question is why the Jews? Well, until today in some villages or small cities in Europe people still believe that Jews have horns and tails. In Al Jazeera Qatar’s channel Jews are referred to as “Apes and Pigs” still nowadays.

Well, as a minority in society their position was always in jeopardize under a Christian and Islamic regime. As a different religion in the Mid-evil they had different attitude towards life, community and worship of god. After the Holocaust most of the Jews who survived the war and the camp death immigrate to the USA or to Israel. While at the same time with the establishment of Israel in 1948, many Jews were deported or forced to flee from their homes in Islamic countries. Time changed, a new generation was born. A generation that never met a Jew though heard of him from the media. As a result Anti-Semitism was spread again as a consequence of ignorance and fear, fear from the unknown.

Therefore it’s not a big surprise that Jews are still being blamed for all evil, it’s always easy to blame someone else that cannot defend himself, rather than admit in a failure or to take responsibility on a situation. Furthermore creating a barrier between them and us, also allow to unit a group of people. Hence, using a “scapegoat” is a political and or religion manipulation to the real issue. The main problem is that instead of trying to eradicate Anti-Semitism, political and religious leaders use this phenomenon as leverage, causing hatred to grow instead of decline. No one wants to history to repeat itself, yet committing the same mistakes over and over is only the first step for a second holocaust to arrive.

Danielle Antebi