Clash of the Titans — 2:0

The man of the hour is without a doubt Putin, over the last year he dictated the rhythm. It began with the crisis in Syria, where he managed to halt the international attack over the Assad regime. By doing so not only a war was avoided, also many lives were saved thank to chemical weapon that was disarmed. Now with the new turning point with Crimea, Putin becomes a threat to Obama. Not only had he solved a problematic situation without spilling one drop of blood. He’s also using as a mediator between the west and Iran. It’s more than obvious that the referendum in Crimea changed the rules of the game for both sides of the party. In order to show its power the U.S already imposed sanctions above Russia, and Russia as a response imposed sanctions on the U.S. No one expected that 95% of the residents of the Crimea area would vote in favor of annexation to the Russian Federation.

This delicate situation posed the U.S in a very weak perspective in front of the rest of the world. The U.S allows itself to decide and to interfere in inner affairs of other countries, though the U.S doesn’t allow any other country to do so on its own ground. Years have passed since the U.S.S.R and no other country dared to stand up “against” the U.S, until today. Despite the fact that Russia didn’t start a war, its main concern was to protect the interests of the people of Crimea. The sudden interest of the U.S for Ukraine is a bit suspicious.  Where was the U.S when the Muslims Brothers took over Egypt? Where was the U.S when the Syrian slaughtered one another? The answer is very clear, the world only interfere where there’s some kind of profits.

The main conclusion is that the U.S under the leadership of Obama is getting weaker each day, and Russia under the leadership of Putin is getting stronger. The U.S isn’t what it used to be, and sometime one need to step down from the stage in order to gain more for later. But, as it seems the U.S doesn’t know when to back down, therefore its own civilians pay the high price of the arrogance of their own leader. The Crimean crisis seems as another attempt to show who’s the boss, who has the control, who’s the man! America needs to wake up and to deal with its inner affairs before dealing with other states. I guess what Obama forgot when he decided to confront Russia, that it’s not another small, defenseless state. Russia is Russia, and Russia doesn’t need to depend on the west in order to exist.

Danielle Antebi