Checkmate for whom….

Nothing else is happening right now in the world besides the Crimean situation. Well, at least it Iooks like if the main concern of the media is reporting and interpreting the Russian invasion to the Ukraine: “The Russians’ forces took over all of the strategy position of the half island”. As always the portrait that is being painted is one-sided and biased in favor of foreign interests. The western media fundamental focus is in slandering the Russia and igniting more flames to the bonfire. On the other hand, Russia’s hands aren’t totally clean. Russia also has its own interests in the Crimean region.

checkmateSo, what is really hidden behind the strategy point named Crimea? First of all the shape of the island itself allows its owners to obtain the best position to posses over the Black Sea. In addition, the Black Sea is known for it’s the pouring spot to the Mediterranean Sea through the Bosphorus Straits. Therefore it’s no surprise that the Soviet Navy decided to settle there, and the city of Sevastopol won a medal for succeeding in holding back the Nazis. Furthermore Putin is just adapting the steps of former kingdoms that conquered the area in the past, such as Byzantine Empire, the Turks, the Bulgars, the Khazars, and the Mongols.

However, the Ukrainians have their own surprise made for the Russians. The Tatters of Crimea consists of 260,000 civilians most of them are Sunni that suffered from oppression under the USSR regime. They were condemned of operating with the Nazis and as a result were exiled from their homes. After the war they were allowed to return to their original homes. Nowadays most of them support the Ukrainians, although their connection permits them to hold key roles and to obtain an important role as mediators in this political game. Yet, the “new Ukraine” and the west which consist of Europe and the USA have their own interest in Ukraine. After Russia established a new membership group of economics which consists of the some of the former USSR states, a new tool joined the economic market which used to be belonging to the USA and the European Union. The new member caused the rules of the game to change, and this is when Ukraine became the mean to win. Ukraine is one of the biggest countries that inherent the USSR, and has a lot of natural resources that can come to use for the west, while, Russia beside the Ukrainian resources also look for its borders with Ukraine. Moreover, in Ukraine there are a lot of Russian speakers. So, who is right and who is wrong? There isn’t a clear answer only assumption.

Danielle Antebi