Celebrity’s affects on society

In the past we used to idolize scientists, political leaders, royal families or religious figures, but today most teenagers don’t even know who Thomas Edison was or who is the current Pope. In my time, not so long ago we used to idolize famous actors and singers, which at least, had some talent. Instead, today’s society occupies her main interest on 15-minutes “wanna-be” reality stars, with no actual talent. This transmit to us allowing us to believe that every person can be famous, but other than being famous what does a person like that has to share with the rest of the world?

infantilizmReality T.V. shows such as the big brother, unite a bunch of strangers with nothing in common, just to win high rating, from their encounters. In reality shows of this kind, you learn that it is okay to smoke, to drink, to take your cloth of or even have sex in prime television just that later on, after the show will end people will remember who you are. Yes, they will remind you, but not as you think you would like to be remembered as. When this kind of shows began, people entered those shows for the prize, usually a very respectable sum of money. Today, most of participates don’t even think about the money, they are motivated by the publicity and achievement to be famous…  

But even when you became a known name in every household, you have to keep yourself known. How can one stay famous if he or she won that “title” contributing no real talent? Well, the answer is very simple, by creating scandals! Which can be seen through multiple partners, nudity- which is seen today a lot through the social networks, driving under alcohol or drugs use and committing accidents, different causes of arrests, using different kinds of violence towards others and so on. Some would say that those scandals are a result of fame, not the cause. Well, I don’t about you, but when a child/teenager starts to idolize those so call “role-models” and starts to imitate those behaviors believing that acting in this way, is cool. The main question that rises is what kind of society are we continuing to found for the future generation? When having sex at age fourteen and under, is a normal phenomenon. We all understand that those children tomorrow will be ours and those children don’t think of the consequences of their actions. Because their only sin is trying to be seen, to get a little attention exactly like those so called idols, which we all admire for no reason. Well, there is one small difference, the age and the understanding of the results of our actions. So, we cannot really be surprised that every year we see and hear about more scandals than talent, and the media and the social networks forgot about talent, because only gossip sells…. What does this says about us as a society?

Danielle Antebi