Bring our boys back!

Bring our boys backFour days have passed already since three teenagers were kidnapped by Hamas terror organization. It seems as if everyone in Israel is looking for a scapegoat instead of rescue them from their captures. Politicians use their stage to blame the settlements policy and hitchhiking. In my opinion it’s like rape victims instead of understanding the victim we turn her into the victimizer. “Because they live beyond the green line, because they hitchhike they got what they deserve.” The lack of insensibility towards pain of others is outrageous! For example even though the teens were announced as hijacked early on Friday morning, the Pride Parade in Tel Aviv held as scheduled with no consideration to state emergency situation.

Furthermore the people of Israel are divided into two parties, one supporting the families, identifies with the sorrow of the families. The other camp focuses on defaming the sector of the settlers, and gain political power on their expanse and suffers. Hence to that it seems as if the lefties in the country show more concern to the Palestines’ rather than to the well being of their own  brothers and sisters. On the other hand the Israeli government had enough from the Palestine’s extortion handled by exchanging innocent captures for «political» prisoners (terrorists) with blood on their hands.

Today Germany published a statement doubting the veracity of the abduction. Likewise the first thing the UN did due to this painful situation was to condemn the limitation and the military raids under the Palestine’s territory and population. I guess that traumatizing three innocents’ children and causing a massive panic upon a whole country doesn’t count as damaging human rights. Once again the UN proves how bias it is and what kind of organization it is. Once again Israel finds itself in a situation when from a victim it becomes the victimizer. The main question is what else needs to happen in order to see a light in the end the tunnel?

Danielle Antebi