About exceptionality…

It’s funny to see how other people control the way we think, act and behave. For example, I was raised in a world were expressions such as “free mind” and “free choice” were a colloquial dialects. But, as I matured I realized nothing changed through the Middle-Ages except our social dissonance. Meaning, that human behavior is explained by seeking consonance between expectations and reality. Which can be achieved in one of three ways: lowering the importance of one of the discordant factors, adding consonant elements or changing one of the dissonant factors. Despite the time that passed, it seems as if our society today suffers from severe social dissonance led by the politicians and entrepreneurs through the media.

exeptionalityUnfortunately up to this day, most of us choose to be blinded to the obvious signs. Because it’s much easier for us to settle, for what we have and not fight for what is legally ours or what we might achieve. Furthermore, some take advantage of our ignorance for personal benefits which leads to overpowered us by money. For example, the U.N organization which is main objective is to guideline for humanity, by ensuring human rights. Yet, it seems that the main agenda nowadays coincided with Israel and its supposed “war crimes”. In spite of many other relevant topics, such as: the mass killing in Syria by chemical weapon, that can affect the whole world, the bloodshed of Christians by Muslims in Africans countries, exploiting of women and children, trafficking people and etc. The cynical use of this organization by countries that don’t respect the human rights treaties indicates of the hypocrisy of the reality.

Nevertheless, we hear more and more about Western organizations that allow themselves to critic the Russian Federation regarding to gay rights in the country. While at the same breath, still in the U.S.A today there are some states (for example, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas) that claim that being gay is a criminal offense. In addition France, as a secular country banned the right to use religious signs in public, Germany doesn’t allow the circumcision and by doing so offenses the right to practice religion for Jews and Muslims. To conduct, it’s very easy to criticize one another, looking for flaws, comparing one culture to another. But, it’s very hard to do self-examination and to acknowledge mistakes. The world today prefer to keep existing as it is, continuing with ethno-centric approach towards one another which drifts us more apart. Most of us prefer to keep living as we live, and not create our own destiny.


Danielle Antebi