A victory that doesn’t worth nothing

ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CONFLICT-IRAN-WEAPONRYWhile the worlds continue to focus on the backyard of Ukraine, other countries take advantage of the situation to promote their own interests. Just last Wednesday the Israeli navy commando caught a shipment of life-threatening missiles from the Iranian Republic. Yesterday, the weapon delivery was disarmed by the forces and the amount of artillery was revealed and contained: 40 rockets typed as M302 with range of 160 KM, 181 mortar bombshells and 400,000 firearm balls. The ship bearer was Panamanian though the boat left the Iranian’s borders ten days ago and was supposed to anchor at Port Sudan on Thursday. The crew on the deck consisted of 17 people from various countries; they were all interrogated to found out their involvement in smuggling weapon to the Gaza Strip.

Yesterday, for the first time the Israeli government decided to hold an exhibition for the haul of the artillery. “This ostentatious display” was intended for the foreign media and diplomats from around the world that came to the area in order to anticipate the performance. For the first time the Israeli regime had conclusive evidence regarding the Iranian connection. Despite the efforts the world remained indifferent to the situation. It’s not the first time that the Israel suffers from weapon assistance from Iran.

While at the same time today, it was discovered that the Malayan plane that disappeared four days ago transported two passengers with forged passports. The assumptions are that two passengers planned to take over two different airplanes, but for unknown reason the plan didn’t work out. Apparently, they were from Iranian origin. Yet, the Ayatollah regime made all that was in its powers to threat Israel. Moreover the world is apathetic, I don’t know if it’s hypocrisy or indifference toward the destiny of the Jewish people. It’s no surprise that the world is not interested in protecting the Jews, once again they are on their own. I guess what the world choose to ignore is that after the Israel they will be the next in line.

Danielle Antebi